Sinsemilla : plantas de los (cannabis) cáñamos sin las semillas

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Sinsemilla 1:   LA PLANTA ( CANNABIS)

  1.1.-  La planta.
  1.2.-  Germinación.
  1.3.-  Fase de crecimiento vegetativo.
  1.4.-  Sexación.
  1.5.-  Polinización.
  1.6.-  Hermafroditismo.
  1.7.-  Fase de floración: Sinsemilla
  1.8.-  Recogida y secado.


  2.1-  El cultivo interior.
  2.2.- Iluminación.
  2.3.- Medios de cultivo cannabis.
  2.4.- El espacio y las condiciones ambientales.
  2.5.- Procedimiento de cultivo.
  2.6.- Sistema de dos montajes simples paralelos.


  3.1.- El agua de riego.
  3.2.- Los nutrientes por sinsemilla.
  3.3.- Plagas por cannabis.



Three Ways to Grow Sinsemilla (cannabis):


1. Outdoor Sinsemilla Growing:

The method most frequently used.

Reasonable yield, good quality, depending on genetics.

Fairly simple cannabis growing method. The largest risk is visibility, plants can be spotted by thieves and police. The police usually only act after complaints or if the field is considered too provocative. Wet summers can rune a harvest by causing mold in the buds, before they are ready for harvest

The yields vary between 50 to 200 grams per plant, in full soil, which equals 300 to 600 grams per M², the average being 440 grams. When 40 Plants are used under a square meter a average of 10 grams per plant is usual, when less plants are used each individual plant, will give more of course.

Of course the yield from pots is a little less, it is mostly determined by the kind of fertilizers used, watering and size of pots.


2. Growing Sinsemilla in a Greenhouse:

Technically a somewhat more complicated method.

The Sinsemilla plants become more dependent on the grower for water, fertilizers and fresh air.

High yields are possible. Taste and quality are especially determined by the plants that are being used. Nowadays in greenhouses and under artificial lights the best results are with so called cannabis plants. Usually one grows 1 to 10 plants per M². By giving the plants only 12 hours of light a day, they will flower sooner and will be ready for harvesting after 2 months.

This makes two to three harvests possible each season.

Yields vary from 50 to 250 grams per harvest per M²

Because the plants stay in the greenhouse for only a short period of time, problems with bugs can be avoided, providing there are almost no bugs on the plants before they are placed in the greenhouse.


3. Growing sinsemilla with artificial light:

The most technically advanced method, one that makes growing cannabis accessible for almost everybody. Because not everybody has a garden or greenhouse, but does have a spot somewhere for indoor growing.

Usually high pressure sodium lights are used from 250, 400, 600, or 1000 Watt.


High yields, between 300 to 600 grams per square meter.

Depending on the system used, one can harvest between three and six times a year from one square meter.

Superior quality is possible when you grow Indoors Biologically with the proper genetics, good lighting and plenty of ventilation.